La Cochera Cultural is a creative centre (a cultural garage) to inspire and manifest the dreams of children and adults. A container for artists to live, work, present and teach in, and from which to share their creative energy with the local community, as well as other artists, foreign residents and visitors.

In the spirit of collaboration and co-creation, we seek to support the local community; its people, its artists, its history, traditions and culture. Both grounded in the art and wisdom of the past while inspiring contemporary creation, La Cochera Cultural will offer a wide range of creative and holistic activities and be the forum for a variety of cultural events.

It is our goal to focus on art and creativity as a catalyst for building bridges, making connections and removing barriers to participation. The garage is open.

Creative Focus

  1. Plastic Arts, visual
  2. Written and spoken arts
  3. Publications
  4. Dance
  5. Music
  6. Cinema
  7. Architecture
  8. Photography
  9. Cultivation of organic and medicinal plants
  10. Culinary arts
  11. Health Arts, yoga, meditation, energy

Potential Expressions

  1. Courses and workshops for kids and adults
  2. Master classes for artists
  3. Themed summer schools
  4. Lectures and talks
  5. Film screenings
  6. Concerts
  7. Performances
  8. Exhibitions
  9. Expo sales
  10. Readings

Physical Facilities

  1. Apartments for permanent residencies and visiting artists
  2. Multi-use Workshops and performances spaces and Cine (Video Sala)
  3. Meditation spaces
  4. Gardens
  5. Our Team


Co-Founders and Co-Creators

Jennifer Faith Stanley – Jennifer and her partner Thom Weeks settled permanently in Ajijic in 2010 when they passed on proscenium architecture + interiors, the practice they founded together in 1996. The primary focus of their architectural practice had to work with their clients to realize functional, affordable and creative spaces for their cultural organizations. At La Cochera Cultural, they now have the opportunity to create their own centre as a way of giving back to a vibrant creative world and specifically to the culturally rich country and town they now call home. At la Cochera, Jennifer’s main focus is on the Cochera side,  as facility coordinator.

Thom Weeks – Thom continues his cultural facility planning in Ajijic, where he has been volunteering his services in the planning and consulting for improvements to the auditoria de la riberas and the Lakeside Little Theatre in San Antonio Tlayacapan. Together with Jennifer he has co-conceived of this cochera project and is concurrently planning the Cochera Annex, a residential complex adjacent to la cochera that will help sustain la cochera in perpetuity, while providing sustainable housing , a healing arts centre and additional visiting artists suites.