La Michicihualli

Based on a legend told to him by his grandmother, Maestro Antonio López Vega, he brings to life his works through an audiovisual description around the figure of ¨La Michicihualli¨. It involves the worldview of how Ajijic was founded. ¨The Michicihualli¨ is the deity of the lake, who tells us about the importance of maintaining […]

Revelando historias: Pepe Lamarca

El fotógrafo argentino Pepe Lamarca, cuenta su vida a través de su Obra. La vida de los desposeídos, la pobreza, la violencia y la opresión.  Al mismo tiempo retrata la riqueza de la vida a través de la poesía, el arte y la belleza.  Pepe Lamarca es también, el fotógrafo de referencia del arte flamenco. […]

Music for dreaming

  This project focuses on the musical teaching of children and young people between 12 and 20 years old in the San Sebastian neighborhood of Ajijic, the project includes private lessons and group workshops for learning music in order to promote creativity, improvisation and coexistence.         The content of the project includes […]

La Cochera Flamenca

  This project is focused on teaching Flamenco:  Dance, Cajón and Theory. It includes private and group classes. Flamenco enhances rhythm, coordination and psychomotor skills. It promotes socialization and expressiveness by providing a new language for emotions. At La Cochera Cultural Flamenco is free for the community of the San Sebastian neighborhood in Ajijic. Aimed […]