Based on a legend told to him by his grandmother, Maestro Antonio López Vega, he brings to life his works through an audiovisual description around the figure of ¨La Michicihualli¨. It involves the worldview of how Ajijic was founded. ¨The Michicihualli¨ is the deity of the lake, who tells us about the importance of maintaining and taking care of our environment; taking care of the mountains and the lake. This project is also to bring awareness to the illegal and disorderly urban invasion that is currently changing Axixic

Experimental short film
La Michicihualli

Original idea: Antonio López Vega
Direction: Antonio Lopez Vega / Paty Green
Excecutive production: Jennifer Stanley / Crowdfunding
Production: Emilia Gálvez
Audio: Eleazar Soto
Postproduction: Paty Green

Información adicional

  • Antonio Lopez Vega / Paty Green
  • YouTube video